Jayson Mesman, Founder & Director 

Jayson was born and raised in Canberra. He is very proud to be the owner of the only truffle farm in the ACT. 


Jayson's goal is to create a farm that Canberrans can be proud of. The Truffle Farm strives to be a meeting place that visitors from far and wide are drawn to and excited to visit.  


Jayson's truffle story started a decade ago when his passion and skills with dogs took him to Western Australia.  Whilst living and working in Perth, Jayson discovered Samson, the black Labrador. The inseparable pair were invited to The Truffle and Wine Co. - the world’s largest producing truffle farm -  to see if they could make it as a truffle hunting team. Samson was a natural and more than a decade later, Samson's portrait is the centre of The Truffle Farm logo.  


Jayson returned to Canberra in 2009 and established the company Truffle Dogs Pty Ltd. With his highly trained truffle dogs, and Jayson's truffle knowledge and experience, the team quickly became the truffle hunting team of choice for farmers on the east coast of Australia. Over the next couple of years, the company grew in knowledge and size with a number of rescued dogs joining the team.


Jayson and the truffle dogs look forward to welcoming and entertaining all of our visitors to the farm next season. 



Executive Chef, Damian Brabender

During his career, the renown Executive Chef has worked in Michelin star restaurants across the globe. Damian’s previous positions include Executive Chef at Sage Dining Rooms, Canberra, Executive Chef at Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort in the Blue Mountains, Sous Chef at Racine, South Kensington, London, and Head Chef at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London.

In addition to being our Executive Chef, Damian is the owner and Chef of OTIS dining hall. OTIS has recently been awarded a AGFG Chef's Hat as well as Reader's Choice: Best New Restaurant 2017


So what brings this award winning chef to Canberra? Truffles. Damian believes Canberra and is the epicentre for truffle culinary innovation and has spent the last few years reinforcing this reputation.


During the 2015 Royal Visit to The Truffle Farm, Damian showcased the richness of the Canberra foodie experience to the Duchess of Cornwall and the international media. Damian looks forward to sharing that experience with all of the visitors to the farm. It is an experience that will light up Canberra's winter months.



Recent Awards

  • AGFG Chef's Hat 2017 - OTIS Dining Hall

  • AGFG Reader's Choice: Best New Restaurant 2017

  • Best Restaurant ACT 2015 - Sage Dining Rooms

  • Contemporary Restaurant of the Year 2015 - Sage Dining Rooms

  • AHA Regional Restaurant of the Year 2014 - Wolgan Valley Resort

  • Best Hotel in Australia 2014 - Wolgan Valley Resort



Leader of the Pack, Samson

Where would we be without our truffle dog team. It all started in 2006 when we were trying to find a home for a black Labrador called Samson. His owner couldn't keep him so we set out to find him a loving new home. We would have kept him ourselves but we did not have a fence around our property.


Off he went to new homes. Three times he was returned. Nobody wanted the gorgeous little black fur ball, so energetic and full of life. We looked at each other and said 'we can't send him away again'.


So with us he stayed. Without a fence he lived inside our house and we took him out to the park every day. During one of these visits to the park, Jayson saw something in Samson. A relentless drive and focus, something he had seen in many of the great detection dogs he had worked with in law enforcement. 


Samson's debuted his truffle hunting talent in 2007 at the largest producing truffle farm in the world, The Truffle and Wine Co. Since then he has gone on to find tonnes of truffle and run a hunt for royalty.



Hunts for Hugs

The Escape Artist

Deer in Disguise

The Muscle

The Graduate



Winnie & Piglet

Winnie and Piglet are our two female, Wessex Saddleback truffle pigs. They are also the reason we now know why dogs are the preferred method for truffle hunting.


Pigs are great for finding truffles, but they also do a stellar job of eating them too. In fact, they will eat anything that gets between them and truffles; including us! 


So does that mean they are destined for Christmas dinner? Not on this farm. Winnie and Piglet are part of our family and play a vital role in the truffle process at the end of each season.



The Truffle Farm Canberra is the only trufferie in the world in a capital city.


Based in the picturesque Majura Valley, surrounded by an oak tree forest and overlooking the trellised vines of Mt Majura Winery, The Truffle Farm invites visitors to experience the rare and delicious black truffle.


The entire farm is more than 100 acres, with beautifully kept open spaces. The trufferie itself it set over 10 hectares and comprises over 4,000 oak and hazelnut trees.


The first planting of trees on the farm was undertaken in 2004. Two and a half years later the first truffle was found.